Friday, March 27, 2009

My range beats your range

I figured this was a good example of a simple yet powerful post Gnome recently put up.

This 6-max HA table was ridiculously loose and aggressive so I opted to make a small re-raise out of the blinds rather than a full re-pot, because I didn't want to scare off my customer. I made a smaller-than-normal continuation bet on a fairly unthreatening flop and decided I was willing to felt here against my opponent's wide range. So when the board paired on the turn (a very good card for me) I opted to make another weak-looking turn bet (complete with pause to let my 15-second warning go off) hoping to induce a bluff-raise. Sure enough, villain took the bait and raised, and I have a trivially easy call to make. His bluff doesn't tell a coherent story: I can't put him on a trey or bottom set; he would have 4-bet with AA, so ... he either has me crushed with the overfull, he's drawing to a flush, he's got TPTK or he has complete air. I think he has the second-best hand way more often than not, so I happily call and discover that he's drawing to three outs. Fortunately for me, an ace didn't spike on the river.

Another possible scenario here would have been my opponent flat-calling the turn. If he then spiked a queen on the end, I'm fairly confident that my opponent would have called off his stack, too, because he would have persuaded himself that I only had a ten or a busted flush draw.

The other line I could have taken is to bet closer to full pot on the flop, and check the turn hoping to induce a bet from worse hands.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nicely bet. You reeled him in like a tuna.

nzgreen said...

Just remember that on full tilt your actions affect the dealing of the cards. So if you played the turn differently chances are the river would've been a blank and you might not have been able to stack him.

Very nice hand though, well played.

Shrike said...

NZ - Yes, I am fully aware that alternate decision-making by me would affect what random card gets dealt out by FTP. I was speaking about a theoretical scenario.