Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Horsing around

Tonight is another BBT4 event, the Skills Game - HORSE. I'll take some prop bets on this event, so hit me up on IM or via e-mail.

I'll also be playing the 4K HORSE again, and I would love to pull off a double win.

Of course, this probably means I'll get donked out early in both.

Edit: yep, donked out shamefully early in Skills Game. Glad I didn't book more action, heh.

Edit: epic card death in 4K beyond all belief and I still outlasted more than half the field.


lightning36 said...

Just had a feeling you might be making an early exit after soliciting last-longer bets. Talk about jinxing yourself ...

Shrike said...

What can you do? Buddy hit a nasty redraw for a scoop in a huge sandwich play where we put the screws on Jordan in a 3-way Stud8 pot. Then I got coolered once and sucked out on two more times and I'm done.