Friday, March 27, 2009

My busted draw beats your busted draw

7-high was good. I felt sick on the river and checked behind, giving up in utter disbelief ... crubs didn't get there. As a staunch believer, I was stunned; I had put four bets in on the turn. Then the pot was pushed to me and I was incredulous ...

Yes, the small blind 3-bet preflop with 2d5d. Standard donkery in a 1/2 mixed cash game.


Fuel55 said...

"Yes, the small blind 3-bet preflop with 2d5d. "

You do this all the time.

How dont you bet the river here to get to fold all busted draws most of which would beat you?

Shrike said...

No, I don't;

And yes I should have bet river.

Schaubs said...

Limit sucks.