Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogger Big Game ... a near -miss

[Edit: now see below for some hand histories]

I had fun, I was in the top five in chips at the first break and at the second break; I made the final table but went card dead for extended period of time. Stacks got short compared to the blinds once we reached the 2K/4K/500 level so I made about my fourth pure steal of the tournament and ran my 10bb stack into Hoy's AK in the blinds. I go home now in 5th place.

Hand #1 - Why You Shouldn't Min-Raise two black aces preflop

Hand #2 - A Key Double Early

Hand #3 - Getting into trouble after taking one off

Danger! I didn't suspect I was up against A3, so the turn and river were particularly nasty.

Hand #4 - Cracking QQ

The river action was a close decision. I really wanted to raise for value but decided to play it safe.

Hand #5 - Getting Donked

Hand #6 - Cracking another premium hand

Hand #7 - A Squeeze

I had decided to felt if facing a 4bet. Luckily for me, I was up against AQ and held.

Hand #8 - Gutting it out with KK on a scary board

Hand #9 - AA holds up

As soon as I saw the flop I planned the hand: I was going to check-call a flop bet and shove any blank turn. It worked out well, but there are many different ways to play this hand.

Hand #10 - A Hammer Drop

Hand #11 - The Steal Gone Wrong

Thanks for reading this far. I had another dozen hands of some interest, but decided to omit those. By being very selective preflop, only seeing 11% of flops, I was dependent on my big hands to chip up and fortunately for me I still got action on them and held up for the most part. The other way I was able to chip up, as you saw above, was calling with some speculative hands in good spots where I wasn't risking a huge percentage of my stack preflop. I was able to nail some flops and punish players who couldn't get away from big pocket pairs.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job! I look forward to your update.

lightning36 said...

Heck of a final table. I was disappointed that I didn't finish at least a few places higher once I built my stack up. We're off to a great start. Congrats on your finish.