Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mookie final table recap, redux

6th place finish this time, still no ToC seat. More close but no cigar shenanigans. I lost several consecutive confrontations late, and folded a lot later on as I went completely dry on good hands, and was forced to play short-stacked at the final table, as my top-3 stack with 3 tables left slowly dwindled to 7/9. I misplayed my bustout hand in a blind-on-blind battle when I had a clear 3bet shove; instead I got fancy and decided to play JdTd in position to a flop. Unfortunately, villain's Qs4s outflopped me and we got all the money in on the turn on a JQ5K board, and I bricked.

#1 - The river min-raise for value

#2 - Trapping a dangerous opponent without overplaying TPTK

#3 - Getting lucky; also missed a value bet

Then some hands vs. the Doc ...

#4 - Turning the second nuts

#5 - Pot Control; Doc said he had a ten here

#6 - Four-flushing again, but this time I was best the whole way

#7 - Filling up in a 3-way spot

Villain #3 had 85.

#8 - Flopping the nuts in a re-raised pot; I was praying opponent had a big pair they couldn't get away from

Sadly from here on out I was completely card dead and my top-3 stack dwindled and dwindled. I then lost a big race vs. deuces, of all things,

#9 - 22 holds

and then faced this donktastic overshove with no fold equity (same opponent again). JTo held ... villain's perceptiveness of hand ranges was sorely lacking, but I don't expect many players to note how tightly I was playing preflop ...

#10 - J-high is gold preflop

Finally I make a mistake in a blind vs. blind battle and bust out in sixth.

#11 - Why didn't I shove preflop? Raise or fold!


DrChako said...

Well played. I really like those recap thingys. I gotta learn how to do that.

On the 1st hand (the one I asked about where you had KQ), I ALSO had KQ, but no diamonds. We both turned the straight, but you had the redraw.

On the next one with the 10s on board, I simply asked if 10s were good (which they weren't). I never said I actually HAD a 10 (which I didn't). I think I had air with like AK or AQ, but no spades. The river was a total bluff.

Great playing with you and the gang.


nzgreen said...

OMG @ hand # 8. I don't understand how all the money didn't go in preflop! If it was a pure early position steal then surely he can fold to your 3bet and only lose 3BBs of his 14BB stack. But to call your raise and then fold the flop - hilarious!

Love the comment about how tight you were playing preflop when you open T8 offsuit with two shortstacks behind... but yeah a crazy shove with JT.

Shrike said...

NZ - I only saw 10% of flops and yes, this was my only pure steal of the tournament (except for a 72s re-steal when I was huge CL). I was folding a ton during the late stages of the tournament, trying to pick up a real hand. Short-stacks just shouldn't be over-shoving JTo there, given my table image. But what do I know?

Schaubs said...

That is the problem... you don't.


Your table image is wacky and loose aggressive BTW...

Shrike said...

Schaubs - I have a carefully cultivated image. Only occasionally does it backfire. Regardless of image, the JTo overshove is pretty silly ...

Memphis MOJO said...

Still, 6th is a good showing. I predict you'll win your ToC seat!