Friday, June 26, 2009

I won't be defending this pirate ...

No, I'd find myself hauled up on charges if I ever found the thief who stole my bike yesterday.

I'm not a happy camper, to say the least, and this is going to stick in my craw for a while.

(Ironically, it was stolen from a bike rack in front of the Law Society. Walking outside to discover the shredded lock lying on the ground all by its lonesome, ruined self was not a fun moment.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Omaha is often a synonym for pain, redux

First of all, congrats to CK who managed to cash in the World Series in the OE/SE 2.5K event! It sounds as if she got unlucky in a couple of big hands or she could have gone even further. I look forward to reading her tournament recap.

Myself, I have been suffering through an 8 -- hah, make that sixteen! -- buy-in downswing in my online PLO experiment. I'm going to do a session review and see if I can spot some leaks, or merely have to attribute the poor results mostly to variance. I certainly know I was mostly getting the money in ahead when I was playing for stacks, so I suspect the latter.


it's the latter. See this as a typical example where I get it in as a 70% favourite and lose:

I'm glad I didn't have any bets on the Cup Finals. I would have bet on Detroit but the Penguins managed to beat the Red Wings at Joe Louis in game seven.

If the weather holds this weekend I'll be spending nearly all of it outside playing disc golf, riding the trails, or at the beach. Enjoying summer activities outdoors takes precedence over pokering, to be sure!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Omaha is often a synonym for pain

Discuss villain's play here. Was his line sensible vs. the range of hands I could reasonably have?

Needless to say, I was ruefully pleased he didn't have a full stack to start the hand. It dulled the pain ... somewhat.

I actually turned a profit during this session, but this subtracted hugely from my bottom line. I have found that PLO8 is one of the most reliable, low-variance ways to build the ol' BR ... this example of a sick beat notwithstanding, because I love this sort of action and I do hold up my fair share of the time.

Summer musings

June has been a strange month so far.

The good:

Vancouver weather has been great and I've been playing a lot of disc golf.

An old friend has moved back to town, escaping from a bad job in the rural wilds of Alberta.

My sister and her husband just purchased a new condo and I had some fun pouring over all the documents as a refresher in solicitor's work in a real property transaction.

I hear this local blogger has actually done some wheeling and dealing for a change. Who knows if he'll blog again any time soon though.

The bad:

My fourth live session of LHE went south in a hurry. -40BBs as I lost all five big pots I played with sets and overpairs that got run down. (On the plus side, the game was fantastic and it was variance that did me in, not my decision-making.)

I got my car towed by parking oh, five meters from an intersection near my place yesterday (the law says park 6+ meters away). Of the 15k illegally-parked vehicles in my neighbourhood, I got picked on. A fun $112.90 siphoned out of my pocket.

The "meh":

Still no concrete developments as I am looking to change jobs. Don't want to defend pirates - I mean, criminals - any longer so that means I am kicking the tires elsewhere and waiting to hear back on some leads. But I should have this sorted out by the end of the summer.