Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gone Skiing

A couple of days skiing my brains out on the slopes is just what the doctor ordered. I'm heading up to the mountains for the weekend for some exercise in the snow.

Next week I'll hopefully be having an exciting opportunity to do some prep work as a junior on a murder trial that will be starting in two or three weeks.

Last night I managed to bust out of the bubble streak I've been having in tournaments by finishing third at the weekly FCPC tournament. There were some really funny hands during the session, including one particularly gruesome one against a brand-new player who clearly didn't really know what she was doing. (She seemed a very nice person, but value-betting 400 OOP into a 4000 pot with a miraculous aces-up hand that you've rivered at the same time the board has put out a fourth club and you have no clubs is insane; then again one can't be too surprised because like many players she played Ax way too much and took them way too far). I made the crying call since I had queens up (which I'd raised with on the turn) and the table erupted in laughter when she showed such an unlikely holding (she had Ad4h vs. my QsJd on a AcQc8cJh4c board).

If I'd actually made more than one draw in five last night (obviously one in three is the expected norm) or hadn't been outdrawn by K9s vs. my AK where Eitan miraculously flopped a flush draw and got there on the turn to cost me a chunk of my stack, I likely could have finished second, but I'll take any cash I can get just to snap the streak.

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