Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Proof that Live Poker is a Gold Mine

More proof that your average NL 1/2 table can be insanely profitable even after a casino's rake is accounted for:

1) Two players will call a $30 raise preflop in a straddled pot with 100 BB stacks or less (I had AA); one of them will stack off with second pair (99) to the board (T73 rainbow) by re-raising all-in (another $80) on the flop after you bet $60 -- two thirds of the pot -- so you're left with the easy decision to call $80 more into a pot of $300. Who can fold AA getting 3.75:1 pot odds in that spot? Not me.

2) Someone will lose their entire 100 BB stack with AA unimproved on a TT4 flop (I had QTs) by calling $50 bets on every street like clockwork.

3) A Crasian (crazy asian gambler; I stole this nickname from this fine blogger) decides to call a check-raise by me on a T75 flop (all spades) for the rest of their stack with red nines for second pair to the board and my JT is good.

4) You get horribly loose preflop calls of your large raises (the table was insensitive to PF raise size, so I jacked up my PF raise sizes with premium hands) and are able to lose the minimum with AK unimproved and win a nice pot with QQ without much difficulty as a Crasian on your immediate right bluffs all-in on the river after I set the trap by checking behind when I improved to middle set on the turn; the ace-high flop caused me to check the flop vs. two opponents rather than make an ill-advised c-bet where I can easily get re-raised off my hand.

I might be scuffling along and playing very few hands online as I organize a new PC purchase and install PokerTracker and some data-mining software to join the 21st century of online poker play, but I can crush live 1/2 NL games with the best of them -- today I was up 2 buyins in less than 3 hours and booked the profit and met up with friends for a nice steak dinner. At this rate my Las Vegas trip in early March will be a complete freeroll before I even get a chance to rack up some time in the soft Vegas games, where I hopefully will book a nice profit.

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