Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Skillz Demonstration

Stay tuned for a fun, cheerful report on tonight's O8B skillz game. It should be a barrel of laughs and I'm determined to have fun with the blogger crowd as we play one of my favourite variants of poker. I shall try not to bubble out as I did last time this event was held. (Fortunately for me perhaps my nemesis from last time LJ doesn't appear to be playing tonight.)


No luck at all, I was quickly bounced as my AA23 ds got outflopped and I had to fold to pressure on the turn.

Then getting 3:1 with every draw in the deck for high and the second nut low, I jammed and lost to the nut low to bust out. This was by far the right play as there was a lot of dead money to be had, but it turned out to be an untenable situation I couldn't escape.


Jon Braun said...

I got uprooted on the river by KK93 on a K9Q flop, I had checked raised a guy all in with JTQx from the Big blind, river is a Q! ugh.

Jon Braun said...

And my nut flush draw didn't come through, out, 28th (I think). Some guy flopped trips, we got all in with my short stack and he turned quads.

Shrike said...

Have to like all the action in Hand #1, but yeah, that sucks.