Friday, February 8, 2008

Omaha theory advanced in leaps and bounds

I was first out of tonight's 8-handed PLO tourney earlier tonight.

However, I was really happy with my play and I do think I played well. My opponent who check-raised me on a flop of Kd7c5d was put to the test when I 3-bet allin after being the original EP raiser preflop. He decided to call off his entire stack (another 11K; we had starting stacks of 20K) with an extremely vulnerable hand of KT97 for top two pair and no redraws (he was also holding no diamonds).

Obviously, this is extemely foolish in the long run, because I have a significant equity edge with my range of hands against that holding. (It just so happened here that I 3-bet light holding AdKc6c4s; which was an OESD holding top pair -- which still gave me 12 outs against his hand, and that's the best case scenario for him). I also figured I had some fold equity since he couldn't be holding the nut flush draw.


Simon said...

calling 5000 more with Q8 into a ~6000 pot is "extremely foolish in the long run" too. especially when 5000 more constitutes virtually your remaining stack.

also, calling ~90% of your stack preflop with K7 is pretty solid poker.

why dont we get to read about these hands?

why does your blog read so much like a deconstruction of everyone else's game when we all make the same retarded mistakes?

Shrike said...

I write about lots of my misplayed hands too, Simon. I make my share of mistakes, to be sure.

I'll have a couple of things to say about the short-handed tourney as well, when I have the chance to write more.

Schaubs said...

8 handed!


I coulda played for fook sakes.

Jon Braun said...
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Jon Braun said...

You've been linked. To check out the link, click here!

Jon Braun said...

You had fold equity against players that know how to play. No offense to Eman.