Friday, April 11, 2008

SOP at the club

Blog-worthy. An adjective used to describe the events at the alternate FCPC venue.

To be precise: that's three consecutive tournaments held in that room where I've run into quads. Tonight it was Althalee's four jacks. Ho-hum. Somehow I only managed to lose half my stack this time. With this progression I will soon barely take a flesh wound next week and somehow manage to recover to make it into the money.

I did win some very nice pots with nut straights (I was able to bust Simon when he flopped the joint and I outdrew him to the stone cold nut straight on the turn in a limped pot, which was the best payoff I got) and pulled off one superior bluff when my open-ended straight and flush draws missed but I bet out on the river nonetheless and managed to actually get someone to fold one pair.

Alas, I will need to keep plugging away and hope that I am the one who can get action with quads. I'm due for my share in that crazy room where quads seemingly occur every week.


Riggstad said...

Nut Straights are the Shizzle!!

Shrike said...

Why yes they are!