Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Every so often, circumstances conspire to make me a very cheerful guy.

Happily for me, today is one of those days. I"ve had quite a few of these recently!

Why is that? you might be asking.

First of all, late April and early May has always been my favourite time of year. Late spring in Vancouver is unbelievably awesome. The sun is shining, trees are flowering, the temperature is just right . . . I always find a reason to walk down the hill to the beach. Soon Kits Pool will be open! (I live just above where that aerial photo cuts off, about two minutes' walk away)

Secondly, I'm really enjoying (sacrilege, I know) my work as an articling student. I am able to work on interesting appeals cases and watch a lot of cases argued in the Court of Appeal as I learn new tricks in the real world. It really helps that my principal is genuinely interested in my education and is not the sort of person to make my life miserable; far from it.

Thirdly, poker is treating me well right now. I've been patiently waiting to get into good situations and I'm playing my "A" game more consistently than ever. If I can keep it up, I hope to really springboard that into banking some profits to grow my BR.

Lastly, your imaginary 1977 Blue Jays are cruising to yet another pennant in the AL East. All the while I've been able to re-sign some veterans to good contracts and break in some promising rookies (several of whom were prominent figures in Blue Jays history, former star pitchers Jimmy Key and Tom Henke, as well as currrent star outfielder Vernon Wells).

Here's hoping I can finally win a championship with this group of imaginary binary players!

And this weekend I get to look forward to some silly fun as some friends and I all trek to see a fun movie. When that's done, I will be able to put the finishing touches on installing all my old data on my new PC and switch over permanently. Once that happens, I think I'll soon be purchasing a second monitor and I'll be looking to make a real effort at putting in some more organized efforts into grinding up an online BR with the help of poker tracking software as I begin to really multi-table some MTTs and some cash games instead of merely dabbling with bloggaments.

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OhCaptain said...

Here in Minnesota, we are still waiting for spring to really get going. We had snow this past weekend. We miss global warming. This has been the coldest spring I can remember.