Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Skillz Demonstration, Part 2


Played well and ran well and was chipleader for a very long period of time in tonight's Stud Hi tournament. Here we are at the second break -- I was chipleader at the first break as well:

I started to scuffle as I doubled up some short stacks once the blinds and antes accelerated play.

However, I was able to get action on two strong suited Axx hands which got both got there for nut flushes on sixth and I got maximum value to regain my strong chip position with 16 players left. I also trapped nicely with a disguised queens up hand that filled up on the river, so I was able to earn 3 big bets on 7th street.

However, I would not sail onwards to the final table, because ... I was dealt my only rolled up hand of the tournament against a loose aggressive player who wouldn't fold his draw. I played a monster pot for most of my stack with rolled up sevens. The villain just wouldn't let go of a big suited ace and chased his flush all the way to the river and I was crippled. I then got my money in good 2-3 more times but got outdrawn on 7th street for an unwelcome exit from the tournament.

Out in 15th. Was only able to get a couple of bounties.

I can certainly say that this tournament run reinforces my belief that blogger stud tourneys are +EV if you can just run with average luck and not get outdrawn in crucial spots.

Here are two of the tough hands where I doubled up eventual tourney winner Surflexus and then got involved in a nasty setup hand with him.

1) All the money went in early when Surf jammed on 4th street with presto vs. my split kings and I had to dodge 3 aces or a gutterball on 7th. I didn't manage it.

2) Just a nasty setup hand where I couldn't outdraw Surf for a change. Somehow he quickly drew out to jacks up against my split kings and I couldn't draw to kings up or hit my flush draw.


BWoP said...


Nice run though.

surflexus said...

You are being very nice! I totally got felted by you and I was way behind at least twice and got very lucky.

Schaubs said...

You hit "rolled up 7's" on the river dude...

I don't know shit about that game so maybe I am way off here...?

Shrike said...

No, you're quite right. I didn't say (or mean to say) that I had three sevens as my starting cards. Sorry for any confusion.