Friday, April 2, 2010

A belated New Year's Resolution

I've recently begun an exercise program because I was very unhappy with how much I'd let my fitness level deteriorate over the past four or five years. As I get older I've also realized that it takes more work to stay fit (duh!), so I've been complaining and grousing about this to my running partners as we train for a 10K run in May. Once I reach that goal, though, I know I need to set another one for later in the year. (Also I'm getting back on the ice and can't stand how much my hockey skills have atrophied. They say one's hands are the first thing to go but for me it's all cardiovascular weakness.)

I figure this means I should take another go at a weight loss target for year-end. I tried this in the summer of '09 but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Vegas in December to resolve the bet. History is not going to repeat itself -- I'll be making the trip this time around -- so I'll offer the same bet for any poker blogger who also wants extra motivation to shed some flab.

I currently weigh 83 kilos. My target is 75 kilos, which means I need to lose 1 kilo per month to reach 75 in time for the Winter Gathering.

So, who else is interested? Once we have a group of people signed up (please include personal goals when you sign up in the comments) we can decide on the stakes and figure out the weight-in. I'm sure someone will volunteer to adjudicate this bet and laugh at those who fail.


Riggstad said...

I don't know how many kilos 250lbs is but I my goal weight will be 220.

That's always been my best weight.

so 30 lbs.

I'm in

DrChako said...

I vote we all fly out to Vegas this weekend for an official weigh-in.

Right now I am 185. Goal is 165.

20 pounds = 9.1 kilos (I love that google answers this question even before you finish typing it in).

I'm in.


Shrike said...

Based on the first two responses I am guessing the stakes are going to involve some fine single malt. I vote for some Caol Ila for the "winners" (eg. everyone).

lightning36 said...

"Marathon Man" Waffles might get in on this.

Geez -- are we really all this out of shape or overweight? Perhaps we should give up online poker.

Changing my eating patterns has been easier. REALLY starting a good fitness program? Much harder.

Schaubs said...

I'm of the opinion that "your hands" are the last to go when leaving a sport and then trying to make a comeback.

You are either born with touch or you aren't.

SirFWALGMan said...

WTF is a Kilo?