Thursday, April 22, 2010

FTP doomswitch is "off"

I guess FTP is trying to make up for some of the bad kharma. It's been quite a while since I've been involved in a hand like this.

This time I will adhere to proper bankroll management and quit my Rush poker bonanza with a 600 BB stack intact.

[Edit] As for hand analysis, the original raiser's range is polarized and narrow; I put him squarely on one of two hands: QQ or KK. The MP who shoved could show up with 66+ or 7x, so again I had no hesitation in overcalling because I am crushing a large amount of his range.


DrChako said...

Bad call. Good result.


Shrike said...

DrC: I'm guessing you haven't played much Rush poker at these stakes. This call was certainly +EV. The odds of one of these two monkeys having trip sevens or sixes full were slim to none.

lightning36 said...

The rockets held? Astin put in a good word for you?