Thursday, April 8, 2010

Victimized by an overbet for value

Apparently even small-time fish know how to maximize their good fortune.

I'd be curious to know who could find a fold here to a 2x pot-sized bet. How large does the bluffing frequency have to be for a fold to be correct? (If the stack sizes were 300BBs deep to start the hand, does that change your answer? If not, how deep do the stacks have to be before you can find a fold?) I couldn't find one, and it cost me two full buy-ins. I would have felt better if villain had shown up with jacks, obviously. I was pretty darn sure I was good on the flop, so the turn card didn't scare me. And I was proven wrong.


SirFWALGMan said...

Hard hand.

DrChako said...

I hate your call in position with limpers and a raiser. No one gets away from this hand after that point. His all in push on the river was brilliant if he knows what he's doing. A good player would think you've got a really big hand here and the push might look like a bluff. More likely is that he's just a monkey and was thrilled when you called.


lightning36 said...

Looks like you played the hand well. Have you done something to piss off the poker gods?

Memphis MOJO said...

Stuff happens, sorry.