Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Motivation? A prop bet is in order

Resolution: turn back the clock and regain youthful fitness.

Additional motivation: seeing a friend and fellow blogger blow a fuse about excess weight.

Solution: a prop bet.

Objective: Shed flab;

Terms: Weigh-in either at next Winter Gathering (if both parties attend) or January 1st, 2010 (with results verified by acceptable third party);

Targets: PL needs to weigh in at 160 lbs; Riggs 220 lbs;

Stakes: If either party fails to make their target weight, they will give the other party a bottle of single malt Scotch of the other's choosing (price limit TBD).

If anyone else wants to participate, please drop me a line in the comments and I'll add you to the bet.


Astin said...

I don't want to be added to the bet. I'd just lose horribly.

Besides, losing weight by December would be too late for me. I need to shed the lbs by October so I can fit in my suit for a wedding :)

SirFWALGMan said...

I started this whole fucking weight thing.. Nobody ever gives me any goddamn credit. fucktard.

DrChako said...

I'm in. Goal is 165. 184 now.


VinNay said...

Ok, I'm in. Not sure what a good target weight is though. I need to weight myself and figure it out.

And I prefer a Blended Scotch.

CEMfromMD said...

I am in too. Current weight is 250, goal by Jan 1, 2010 is 220.

Dawn Summers said...

I'm in, but I'm not really sure how this is going to work...but I want to beat Vinnay. By at least 3 more superbowl rings.