Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slowplay to Oblivion, episode two

This hand more or less demonstrates -- to a large degree -- why I never seem to be able to get an online bankroll into a healthy state. I should be able to find a fold at the end because the villain is supposed to have aces or queens. I will admit that I cursed when I saw what he actually beat me with.

In happier news, I will donk it up in the Mookie tonight and I have a pristine hardcover copy of Guy Gavriel Kay's new novel on my bedside table. The finer things in life more than make up for having a big pocket pair cracked on the virtual felt.


DrChako said...

The slow play isn't that bad with such a big hand in early position, but I think you have to either push or fold the turn. His lead on the flop and turn screamed "I got lucky with top pair!" Did you think he was capable of firing two pot-sized bets with bottom or middle pair?


SirFWALGMan said...

Dr. Chacko with some reasonable sounding poker advice? No way! Repeat after me. Poker is silly.