Saturday, December 1, 2007

Flopped Full Houses Can Be Beat

Three-handed in a deepstack freezeout tournament tonight, I managed to get all the money in preflop with my QQ up against A9s. Stacks were quite deep but this fine player got caught making a move.

You'd think I was good on a JJJ flop, right?

Sadly that wasn't the case when the case J hit the river for the ugliest of four-outers you are ever going to see.

Fortunately for my shattered morale, I battled back after my queens got cracked again by Simon. I played them too slowly and paid for it when he hit a 3-outer on the river. I knuckled down, made some moves, got some hands paid off and caught a river card of my own against a slowplayed one pair hand to chip up. I then busted Simon when my AKs won a race against his pocket deuces with all the money in preflop.

At that point it was getting really late and my esteemed opponent Bill and I were basically even in chips. We played a few hands, settled nothing, so we chopped it up and escaped the frigid icebox that is the FCPC to get warm.


Earlier in the tourney, we saw a sick sick setup hand with 3 players all-in preflop: AA vs. KK vs. QQ. The aces held up, but two other players who folded would have outdrawn all of them! Simon folded 55 and would have flopped a set, and Mike folded JTs and would have flopped two pair. Poker is rigged.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

"Poker is rigged."

Hey donkey, did you JUST learn that? :)