Monday, December 3, 2007

Some Fine Duets

I've long been a huge fan of the incredible guitarist Mark Knopfler, who is best known as the frontman for his band Dire Straits, but who has gone on to an impressive solo career since that group broke up more than a decade ago.

Recently I've been listening to his solo work again and I picked up a truly remarkable album of duets he recorded over the past several years with another phenomenal musician whose profile is lower than her talent warrants, Emmylou Harris (whom I've seen perform live a few years ago during the Lilith Fair tour put on by another of my favourite singers, Sarah McLaughlan).

Check out a sample of these fantastic duets here, and then go buy the album. It's well worth it.


Fuel55 said...

Does going to lilith fair make you ghey?

Shrike said...

Only to the heathen masses of unwashed proles who prefer crappy music to real art, I suppose.

Schaubs said...

Female singers suck balls.

Astin said...

Yay Knopfler!

Shame so few people know his solo work compared to his Dire Straits years. John Frusciante suffers a similar fate.