Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Raines in '08

The time is ripe for me to whole-heartedly endorse this fine project: Raines for '08!

It's no coincidence that my fake Montreal Expos are managed by Tim "Rock" Raines. I grew up watching his spectacular exploits on TV as a young baseball fan in Toronto. Whilst I'm still a diehard Blue Jays fan, there is no denying that I turn to the Expos when it comes to most of my favourite all-time players. Andre Dawson and Tim Raines head that list. They exemplified all the most admirable qualities of athletic performance. Both demonstrated true passion for the game of baseball whilst exhibiting true elegance in their pursuit of playing the game in its purest form. They were elite competitors who did spectacular things on the baseball diamond.

I just hope both are elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But in a very important way, that outcome is irrelevant. They are already in my personal Hall of Fame and that's final.


Peter said...

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Anonymous said...

What about Dave Stieb? I thought he was your favorite.

Shrike said...

I do draw a distinction between hitters and pitchers. That being said, Stieb ranks #1 overall.

Zeem said...

Raines was the Man! I'm in a OOTP league as well.