Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mookie time

Outlasted most of the field but fell short of the final table. Out in 16th of the field of 90 runners.

More later after I look over the hand histories. Pretty disappointed in how I went out. It didn't help that a bunch of people started playing bingo and the best hands kept getting cracked, including some of mine.

[Edit] My good blogger pal RecessRampage took down the Mookie in an epic battle. He delivered a hellacious beat with A6 cracking AA headsup to regain the chiplead he'd had for most of the final table and ultimately took it down for a seat in the TOC and a pretty nice sum of first place money. Congrats to Alan!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

They were soooooooooted! :) Thanks again for the rail!

Shrike said...

You weren't one of the donkeys playing bingo. Rest assured that comment wasn't directed at you.