Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SnG variance of the good kind

You know things are going well when . . .

You 3-bet with JJ on the button in the early middle stages of a turbo and get two callers who put their entire stacks in the middle preflop. You have them both covered. Both of whom have Ax (AK, AT) hands. Boom! Ace on the flop. Boom! Jack on the river. Proceed to coast to a first place finish.

You get all the money in with A8s headsup with a 2:1 chiplead and outdraw AQ to win another SnG.

You survive losing with A9 vs. A8 on the bubble to hang on and finish second.

You get all the money in with 8d3d (snowman taterlegs!) with a slight chiplead headsup on a 45Q flop with two diamonds. Opponent had called your preflop raise OOP with 45o. You promptly see the 7d on the turn and magically fail to river the 6d for the straight flush, but who cares? Chalk up another victory in the SnG Challenge!

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