Sunday, December 16, 2007

Set Mining Gone Bad

I had a failure of execution early in the Big Game which sent me to the rail.

I limped in with pocket eights in a multiway pot. Five of us saw a K82 flop, two hearts. There was a small lead out by someone in early position, and I just called, hoping to jam any non-threatening turn. Sure enough three of us saw the turn and the flush completed when the 7h came down. A suspiciously small bet was made by the EP player, which I called and then a LP player who made a decent-sized raise to 2000, and the EP player jammed. I overcalled (!) and the LP folded.

EP showed Jh3h for the turned flush -- which I absolutely knew he had -- and I didn't fill up on the river.

Just an appalling blunder. I need to be able to make that laydown.


Anonymous said...

pure donkey any way you look at it.

Shrike said...

Thank you for that incisive remark.

jamyhawk said...

Funny. I saw this post and reminded me of last night. I obviously have trouble laying down sets also.

Great job overall making the TOC.