Saturday, March 15, 2008

Your Fake Toronto Blue Jays

. . . Just squeaked in to the playoffs in the HBL's 1976 season.

Maybe I'll get lucky and finally make it to the World Series. I keep falling just short. This year, though, I have an elite pitcher (Dizzy Dean) who finally harnessed his prodigious talent and put up a Cy-Young award-winning year. He just might be able to propel the Blue Jays all the way to the Series on his own.

Meanwhile in the RLPA, my Montreal Expos continue to grow a fine young pitching staff but I have been unable to surround my franchise hitter with a competent supporting cast to be a real playoff contender. Hopefully that will change soon, before he reaches the end of the line as a superstar hitter. Otherwise, I'll continue to have great pitching without the support of a league-average offense, which will be pretty demoralizing.

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CC said...

Well, I guess I'll have to get to work on the Fuel Dancing with the Stars video...