Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Bad Beats

Couldn't get anything going in the Big Game and busted out early as I kept missing flops with AK, AQ etc. and folding to big re-raises when I tried to play power poker in position with inside straight draws or in one instance bluff a flush. Sheesh, were my cards transparent or what?

I finally 3-bet jammed once I was down to 1100 in chips with AdQd and VinNay instacalled with KK. A set of kings on the flop but I have a four-flush to the nuts and don't improve, so IGHN.

Later on I play in the blogger cash game and chip up from a starting stack of $60 to about $90 but give up most of my profit when Astin gets there vs. my flopped nut straight (board went runner-runner to complete a flush AND paired both top and bottom pair for sick-looking Kh9sJsKs9c board) and makes top two pair vs. my top pair + 3rd nut flush draw that never makes it. I also made a foolish two-barrel attempt to bluff Bayne off second pair (JJ) on a Q73 (all hearts), Q board but he was having none of it so I gave up on the river. The man was a machine last night as he was in the process of running deep in the Big Game, finishing 3rd.

I ended up a paltry $10 in the cash game, but in all honesty Sunday night was a -$65 evening of poker considering how rapidly I donated my BG buyin.

Then first thing Monday morning I make an overdue trip to the dentist and get the bad news I had been dreading, since one of my teeth has really started to ache over the past two weeks: I have to get several fillings (for the first time in many years) as my teeth have really started to suffer some decay. $200 later and a follow-up visit booked for late April and I'm wishing I was on a dental plan.

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