Monday, March 31, 2008

Yankee Top 5

I guess I've been tagged by Tragedy. I'll play along because he spells his given name the same way I do: S-E-A-N.

Top 5 Americans

William Gibson: brilliant sci-fi writer, has lived in my home town of Vancouver for many years, and the patron saint of this blog

Claire Danes: anyone who can act like she does and not fade into the background next to Michelle Pfeiffer -- check out Stardust for evidence of this assertion -- is someone to be admired

Bill Murray: one of the few American comedians who stacks up to international standard (I am a big fan of many homegrown and British comics compared to most American-born comedic talent). The man just continues to be funny year after year and has a genuine breadth of impressive skills. Plus he did Stripes, for crying out loud!

Emmylou Harris: I'm a big fan of her music; I have seen her perform live and really, really liked this album of hers, just to name one.

Roy Halladay: "Doc", as he is known to teammates and fans alike, is just about the only hope the Blue Jays have to remain relevant this season in MLB.

Top 5 American Bloggers

Don: I may never cash in the Big Game, but Don's a fine fellow and the first poker blogger I have met in person abroad. Hopefully we can renew acquaintances soon at the summer WPBT.

Alan: Writes excellent strategy posts, but he could use an editor to cut them down to size. Rumours abound that he might actually visit Vancouver one day.

CK: One of the friendliest ex-lawyers around. Definitely looking forward to meeting her in person one day.

Chad: Doesn't write nearly enough strategy posts for my liking! I have to include him or he'd easily beat me up. When I met him in Vegas he was doing a good Justin Verlander impersonation.

Julius Goat: He continually puts me to shame with his creative writing exploits and prods me to exercise my writing muscles. I need to quit being a poseur and get the lead out on this score.


BWoP said...

Let's go Yankees.

Uh, wait, wrong reference.

Thanks for the shout out!

BWoP said...

One more thing . . .

Your trip report is past due.

That's $3.00 per day in late fees.

Instant Tragedy said...

$3 and the next time she sees you she'll take a baseball bat to your knees Joe Torre style!

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hmmm... I stealing a spot from someone... since I'm Japanese I feel that I don't belong in that top 5...

and I heard that rumor too!!! weird...

Shrike said...

You get honorary US status because you live in Richmond. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.