Thursday, April 4, 2013

River of Stars

Guy Gavriel Kay has a new book out. Its title? River of Stars. I suppose I should write a review of this book, since way back in the day I wrote an Honours thesis based in part on Kay's early work. (I fortunately came to my senses in time to escape the EngLit PhD trap, though!)

So for now this will just be a placeholder until I actually read the book and come up with something intelligent to say about it.

My prediction: I will, as always, be entranced by Kay's command of language, crafting of scenes, and his meticulous research into fascinating historical periods: but this book won't supplant A Song for Arbonne or The Lions of Al-Rassan from their places on the pedestal. Still, almost any book by Kay is intrinsically better than 95% of all commercial fiction, so I'm in for a treat.

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