Saturday, March 26, 2011

Escaping to paradise

I have been mulling over what to do with this space. Like many bloggers whose authorial voice has waned, my posting frequency has dropped to nearly nil. Since it's not 2005 and I no longer feel the need to try to post a lot about my poker adventures or record my halting steps towards proficiency at various forms of the game, I have been considering what other topics I might opt to write about here. I have a few ideas and once I've made some preparations, all six of you who still read this blog will hopefully be rewarded with some content of non-negligible value.

In the meantime, I'm happy to say that I'll be taking a family vacation in a week's time to Hawaii. It'll be my first time to that island paradise, and we're all set to stay at a very nice resort. I hope my nephew, who is fifteen months old, behaves on the flight. Other news of interest: my father, who is a few years older than this car enthusiast, and probably has even more disposable income than his fellow doctor to make frivolous purchases, will likely own one of these very soon. Needless to say, I have dibs on taking it out for a spin - my brother-in-law will have to get in line!

Sadly, I'll be an island away from this poker blogger when I'm vacationing, and it doesn't look as if I'll be able to hop over for a visit because our schedules don't mesh. I guess our next meeting will have to wait until Vegas in December.

I hope to fit in a round of golf whilst in Maui, so if anyone has any golf course suggestions, I'm all ears.


DrChako said...

I was a Porsche fan (briefly) before I saw the light and drifted over to Ferrari. The C2S is a beautiful car. Tune it and it can be a monster. I just saw a video of a 997 turbo beating a new Ferrari 458 on several runs, but the 458 was stock.

As for the blog, write about whatever you want. Most of the original poker bloggers talk about poker maybe 10% of the time, if at all. Most readers want to know about the other stuff. Who really wants to spend their time disguising a bad beat story in the form of an "education post" anyway?


Wolfshead said...

Hell, I'm with Doc, anything is fair game. You can have a stroke and spend time writing about your rehab experiences. Hey, it can make for interesting writing and reading but take my word for it, I wouldn't recommend it as a way to gather source material, the side issues that accompany it are a beyotch

lightning36 said...

Maui is fantastic! I once stayed at a great resort in Hawaii, and the main problem was getting away and seeing more of the island because the resort was so nice.

We stayed close to where you will be on our last trip. Excellent area. Make sure you drive the road to Hana for an experience you will never forget.

Blogger events still live on. It would be nice to see you make a guest appearance. As for blogs -- combinations of life and poker seem to be the major themes.

Good luck with the Canucks in the playoffs. This just might be the year. The Hawks lost a crucial game last night. They have the ability to win it all or also miss the playoffs entirely. Heck of a season.

btw -- No, I have not let you off the hook for our Hawks-Canucks playoff bet last year. It may only be a Dank (nee Mookie) buy-in, but the circumstances of the win make it sweet to this day ... : o )

Shrike said...

Doc: can't go wrong with a Ferrari, no question about that. I'm not sure if the old man has seriously considered one.

Wolf: I will try to find non-illness related topics to write about here.

Lightning: I certainly still owe you for our hockey bet. Thanks for the Hana road trip suggestion.

Wolfshead said...

Oh you can write about them all you want, they actually garner me a higher readership. Just saying that from personal experience as much as I like to see hits on the blog the cost of gathering the source material definitely ain't worth it. Take up sky diving or bungee jumping or maybe juggling dynamite, it will be easier on you

Memphis MOJO said...

It's your blog, go for it!

BLAARGH! said...

I'll second the Hana drive. Hope you're not afraid of heights - some of the roads are pretty damn sketchy. Also pick a morning and take a drive (or ride a bike if you're super in shape) to the top of Haleakala. They also have bike rides down. Limitless ways to kill yourself in Maui :)
If you're reallllly feeling adventurous you could try this:
I never got a chance to launch there as it was overcast the few days I was on maui.
My favorite island was kauaii (north shore). A lot less touristy, beautiful beaches. Guess it depends on what you want outa your vacation...

...and write whatever you damn well please!

Bayne_S said...

I liked the 3 kapalua courses.

Kaanapoli not so much