Thursday, January 22, 2009

A beat, a brag, and a whine

Poker content first.

The beat: I find a juicy 6-max LHE game. I open with Q9s in the cutoff and get re-raised by the button. The flop is a nice Q99. Four bets go in. The turn is a blank. Four bets go in. The river is an ace. Two bets go in, and my opponent has ... AA, of course!

The brag: I busted nemesis NumbBono in the Mookie last night, making him cry like the Gigli he truly is. I opened with 8c5c in early position for 2.5 bbs, and called his MP re-raise to 6 bbs. Flop is a dreamy AcQc8c, the money goes in, and I fade some outs as I take out NB's set of queens. I had to laugh at conclusion of his berating me in chat when he said "I guess you like 85s more than I do".

The whine: I played a painful hand of Omaha hi/lo this morning. Nothing can go right for me, it seems, as I endure yet another downswing in cash game poker. I had 6d6h3d2s in the big blind of a juicy full-ring game and get to see a flop in an unraised pot vs. several opponents. The flop is a dreamy KcKd6c. The small blind leads out, I raise, the button calls two cold, the small blind three-bets, and I capped, since I figured both of my opponents had trip kings, and I had a decent backdoor low draw as insurance. The turn was the 8c, and we get two bets in as I put in another raise. The river was a five of diamonds and another bet goes in. I figure to at least get half of this juicy pot, right? I have the third-nut low and a flopped boat ... surely I can't be getting scooped?

No sir! I lost the high pot to kings full of fives (KQQ5) and the low to A3K3. So much for punishing those bare trips on the flop and turn ... sheesh.

I may have to take another week off and shift focus to my PLO experiment. Limit poker is killing me at present.

Non-poker content:

Life away from the felt is treating me well, mostly. I have been gettting some skiing in, and have been making progress in improving my fitness and my diet. A good
friend just moved away for a new job, though, so I won't see much of him except for holiday visits, I would imagine.


BWoP said...

As my friend Keith would say, "Always beware of the UNTERHAUS." (I refer to these hands as dinghys.)

The problem is that in a limit game (and often in a pot-limit game), it is very difficult to get someone to fold top trips. As much as trips in omaha can be a particularly dangerous hand, there are still opportunities for your opponents to draw out on you.

I think you were probably only a 50% favorite to scoop.

That's the sucky part of omaha, but I'm sure you knew that already.

Shrike said...

Yes, but thanks for the reminder. Must keep things in proper perspective!

Zeem said...

8c in your hand and on the board. your hand is dead! Seattle home game is on for Feb 7 and you are invited. Find me for details.