Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And then there were four

And by four, I mean quads.

I bubbled the Skillz tourney with a bad run at the final table, but early on in the first level of the tourney I had quite the run: two hands where I got paid off with four-of-a-kind (significantly more on #1, but I still got some bets in on #2). I love bloggaments!

[Edit] Then I caught another one in cash and got fully paid by a donkey.


OhCaptain said...

My goodness. I go months without ever getting quads...that's just sick.

Shrike said...

Like I mentioned, the only problem here was that I got them at the start of the tourney.

Astin said...

FT on another Quads run? These seem to happen where people get an abnormal amount of quads and royal flushes... not that I'm a conspiracy theorist or anything

muhctim said...

Nice quads, nice run, bad timing. You and Numb had me laughin pretty hard. Of course it mighta been more fun had we cashed, but what the hey. . .Can't always cash, but can alwayd have fun.