Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poker interlude

Played some low stakes limit poker this afternoon whilst taking breaks from studying. I managed to grind out some decent profits mostly playing O8 and Stud H/L. Along the way I had a couple of remarkable hands . . .

Your standard rolled up aces. I got paid off in full by two players and was even able to raise a couple of times along the way on later streets. I believe one poor villain had trip jacks on 4th and that got him in deep trouble.

I fastplayed your standard flopped quads and fortunately for me my victim had floppped the second nuts. I led right into him and that set off some fireworks, to say the least.

I flopped huge but my esteemed opponent stuck around with a lot of questionable values and went runner-runner perfect ... obviously I made the sick crying call on the end after ramming and jamming on the flop and turn ...

Oh well, time to crack open the law books again. I'll be very glad when the Bar exams are done!

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