Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Skillz interlude

Had a blast as a late registrant in the PLO deepstack event, was big chip leader for most of the tourney as my AAxx hands kept holding up vs. KKxx hands for stacks right there on the flop as I played them fast throughout the tourney and somehow got tons of action with them (some where my opponents were drawing to two outs, some where they were drawing for more). However, as we got down to 6 players I slowly crumbled and ended up as the bubble boy as I watched Bayne mount a furious comeback. I knew I was going to regret doubling him up earlier at the final table as he slowly but surely chipped up big-time and we ended up playing for a huge pot with four players left when I flopped a nut straight with a redraw to Broadway, but his set + flush draw got there on the river. I probably should have played it more slowly on the flop and jammed the turn (which was a brick) but we likely get it all in there no matter what. Maybe I could have dumped it when the river came ugly, who knows ... surviving that hand from a big picture tourney payout perspective is very important but in a small bloggament I was in no mood to fold there.

I had a lot of fun and racked up lots of scalps, which gave me the fun distraction from studying that I needed.

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lightning36 said...

Damn - that was some game. Nothing like drowning in the river with a flopped straight. Do they ever win?