Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogger cash game shenanigans and a plug

Please don't forget to sign up for this fine event being put on by a pillar of the blogger community!

Here are a few hands of interest from the blogger cash game that Waffles set up Thursday night.

Waffles outplays me when we're holding the same hand. Boo!

I fail to get paid here. Sniff.

I cracked aces for the third time at this table here (the other two times I turned trips and called a shove and got it all in preflop with QQ and rivered a set). The above hand was particularly satisfying as I minraised the flop, got my weak opponent to check the turn -- at which point I happily took the free card and hit the gin card on the river -- which led to him betting out on the river and stacking off when I put him to the test.

Tonight I put in a very profitable L08 session at the cash tables. I single-tabled and managed a +50BB session against the fish despite one very poorly played hand where I needlessly donated ten bets when it was clear I was second-best in both directions.

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