Friday, October 10, 2008

Stud8 exercise

I had the opportunity to put in four bets on 7th street with this hand but chose to simply call a 3-bet by my opponent who'd been the bettor throughout. His final board read [7d 8s 7s] [5s] so I had some worries about flushes and full houses beating me for high.

Was I too timid with a very good two-way hand here headsup?

Answer: of course I was, I had a board lock for the low and should always put in four bets!

NB. Oh, and apparently rolled-up jacks can lose to buried nines that hit runner-runner-runner-runner straight. !$#@%$

I don't even want to guess those odds, given I could've filled up at any time to lockdown the hand.

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