Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tired of the Mookie

This pretty much sums it up by itself -- I was re-raised all-in by a donkey (whom I had covered easily) preflop on the first hand after the first break of the Mookie (I was about 12th overall in chips after tumbling out of the top 3 in the last five minutes before the break to some donk-tastic desperation shoves where I had to find a couple of folds with likely the best made hand). I insta-call with AA and this happens:

To make matters worse, here is how the action went: I raised in EP to 440; the blinds were 60/120. The fish jammed all-in for 2110; in other words; he's making this move with an M of nearly 18. 18!!! Words fail me in describing how bad this play was. (Yes, I know this does get a portion of my open-raising range to fold, but by no means am I raising light in this situation so my range is much narrower than some might suppose.)

I folded for a while afterwards and then got short after running into aces myself, although I managed to lose the minimum.

Then I ran KJ into AJ on a J-high flop and IGHN in a disappointing 35th.

The one redeeming feature was felting Waffles relatively early on in a sick set (my eights) over set (his sixes) situation where neither of us had the heart flush which was possible on the turn (although I did have a redraw to an 8-high flush which was live). And that got some fun dialogue going on the BDR show.

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shrike, where you been man. we have weekly mm meetings, if ur still interested. holla