Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Out early in the Mookie

Out before the first break. Some truly awful poker was on display.

My bustout hand was classic. I open-raised to 4x the blinds with AT in middle position; both blinds called. I flopped TPTK on a T87 rainbow board and I put my opponent to the test for nearly all of his stack after he led out from the SB with a large fishy bet (the BB folded). He called my allin with ... K9 for an open-ended straight draw, and promptly hit his six on the turn.

Outstanding gamble for him to take so early (he was a 40% underdog). Button mashing at its finest.

[Edit] Unsurprisingly this fine poker player spewed away all of his 10K in chips in 5 minutes or less like they were going out of style and didn't reach the final table. Colour me surprised.

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