Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Bubbling

This hurts ... my first attempt at the $75 token frenzy madness for Sunday's Big Game ended painfully like so:

I flopped second pair with an inside straight draw (QJ on an ATx flop) when I was comfortably in the money vs. the chipleader at my table and a shorty. He min-bet the flop and I c/r allin for another 6K in an attempt to bust the shorty and the bubble.

Instead the chipleader found a call with TPNK (A6) and I couldn't hit my half of the deck.

Pretty disappointing lapse of discipline, considering I was making big laydowns left and right during the bubble period, even going so far as to fold AQ under the gun preflop. ;)

I should have check-folded or led out myself and just checked it down once I got a call. I would have preserved enough of my stack to earn a token that way.

At least I won my freakin' buyin back. Sigh.


The Assistant said...

2 players under 600 chips, 2 more under 1500 with 2 cash spots to go for token and you choose to risk 6k chips with that?

How many chips was chipleader left with after call?

In situations near bubble like this if I am left with enough chips to make an FU call with just a gutter I will make it as chip leader.

Lesson is don't fuck with chipleader.

Fred said...

I felt for you man. I remember telling you to just put it on 'auto pilot', you had plenty of chips. I got lucky as hec myself, and thought for sure we both were in prior to the that last hand. Anyway, looks like you've already analyzed and beaten yourself over the play, so not much more to add, other than I agree you either should have just folded, or led out,and checked it down. At least you did get your buyin back for another try tonight! Good luck getting there!