Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A game of luck

There won't be a pirate sighting in the ToC of the BBT5, sadly. As is my usual wont in the Mookie, I built a big stack in Hour 1 (top five), maintained it in Hour 2 (top ten), went completely card dead in Hour 3 and busted out once I was forced to play preflop shove poker with 10BBs despite having way the best of it when the money went in preflop (AK vs. A3).

I thought about channeling Waffles in a rant but I can't be unhappy with how I busted out. Bloggers calling off with inferior ace-x hands is just a way of life and in the long-term I love getting those calls.

Good luck to those with a ToC seat! And thanks to Al and FTP for a pile of free stuff ... something like 35K in prizes with only twenty-one players competing in the final tournament(!).


lightning36 said...

I wish that everyone in the TOC was guaranteed $1000 or something like that - ha ha.

Seems like the suckouts are more cruel in blogger tournaments for some reason. Not much you could have done.

Memphis MOJO said...

Like lightning said, not much you could have done. Stuff happens. Are you playing in the Battle Royale? If so, one more chance to win some goodies.