Sunday, May 9, 2010

A game of desire

Canucks wanted it more. Luongo played very well. Salo was hurt on a scary play. Canucks gutted out a 4-1 win and again proved they are the better team at even strength.

I was also able to play in the Mother's Day edition of the BBT5 invitational. Had good chips well into the second hour but went completely card dead as we got down to twenty players. The evil Goat pulled off not one but two check-raises where I had to find a laydown.

I managed a timely double with ATsooted vs. a chipleader's KJ, but my nemesis 2BA -- unquestionably a superior player I was avoiding at all costs -- put me to the test. Given my chipstack I clearly had to go with AdKd and sadly he won the race in the cruelest way possible: he rivered a set of nines after I flopped top pair. I was even getting 3:1 on my money as the CL made the overcall with a small pair!

I exited in 12th place of the freeroll; many thanks to Al for giving me the chance to play.

I really hope Salo's injury proves less serious than it appears and that the Canucks aren't short-handed going into a pivotal game six at home as they do their utmost to extend the series to a deciding game seven back in Chicago.


lightning36 said...

Twas a boring and disappointing game. Why are the home teams losing almost every game?

PL, you are a stich. Stating that the Canucks are the better team at even strength is like saying that Ted Bundy was a nice guy when he wasn't killing women -- spurious claims.

Shrike said...

Spurious? Hardly. The point remains that special teams play a crucial role in the outcome of a playoff series and the Canucks have failed in minimizing the Hawks' PP opportunities. If the Canucks *do* stay out of penalty trouble, they are generally winning the games.

Bayne_S said...

The 4th card to appear on deal is what most of us call the turn.

Hand dealt out cruelly but TBA was ahead when money went in

Shrike said...

Bayne: I am aware that TBA was ahead preflop by a narrow margin.