Saturday, May 29, 2010

A game of excellence

I never doubted Roy Halladay would be dominant in the NL, but he just exceeded my lofty expectations by throwing the twentieth perfect game in ML baseball history. The number of baseball games in MLB history is a rather large number -- approximately eight hundred thousand -- so it's hard not to marvel at such a rare accomplishment. Which happens once every thirty-seven thousand games, or thereabouts.

We miss you, Doc.

At least you'll go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Blue Jays cap.


Memphis MOJO said...

I got to watch the last two innings (on satellite), he looked great and cool as a cucumber.

Riggstad said...

LOL @ Blue Jays cap!

He's shipping the Phil's uniform to HOF. You know, the one he wore when he pitched his perfect game, the one he will be wearing when he wins his World Series, oh, and the one he will be wearing when he breaks all other records that he owns after 6 years in Philadelphia.

Yeah, that one.

Truly a Halladay weekend here in Philly!