Friday, May 22, 2009

PL08 Exercise

[Edit re: Hand #1 -- ran equity calculations and found that I was money favourite on the flop. And have enough equity preflop to continue vs. most AAxx hands in villain's range. Just didn't work out this time.]

This was a very interesting PLO8 hand, by my way of thinking. (Sure, the result may have sucked, but did I make +EV decisions on every street?)

The question becomes, does the hand play itself postflop?

Am I mistaken in my decision-making preflop?

Addendum (bad beat story):

sometimes you flop nut/2nd nut and get scooped. Blargh.


Gentleman Jim said...

First one looks fine. Second one I would've check called on the end instead of betting. That river card is the worst possible card and with two other people in, you gotta believe at least one of them has A2.

NewinNov said...

Like the hand recreation software. Cool stuff.

Hand One: Given the preflop action at least one person has AAxx, perhaps A23x. After the flop you need two low cards for the low, without A3, low hopes are badly diminished. So given that the opponent probably has you beat right now you are drawing to win for the high and probably won't get the low even if two low cards come. I would hesitate to play your hand for $4.50 or so preflop but given the pot, it might be worth the price of the flop given your strong preflop drawing hand. Normally that raise indicates AA2x or AA3x to me. Guess you could run the numbers to see if you had the proper odds to draw for a flush given you had two cards to come.

Second hand. Nothing you could have done different except check and maybe call on the river. Given all the action, at least one player holds A2 and why is the second player still in unless he is drawing for a flush or had trips and then got the boat on the river when the board paired.

BWoP said...

Agree with Jim re: checking the river on the second hand. That card is horrible in so many ways (crubs . . .). Also, you know what they say about flopping a straight in omaha.

As for the first hand, I think once you decided to proceed past the flop, the money is going in. Not much you can do about it.

The question, though is whether your hand is strong enough (without knowing that the flop would come as it did) to flat a re-raise given the likelihood of AAxx. Sure, you have the spade flush draw (which some people think is stronger than the crub flush draw), but what else are you banking on for high? And on the low side, if your A or 2 gets counterfeited, you don't have much back-up. To me, this hand is an okay hand to play on the cheap, but not one worth the heavy pre-flop action.

Keep in mind that I tend to be a bit more conservative pre-flop in PLO given the fact that I like to at least have a sense of what I'm dealing with before I start shoving money in. The way PLO pots build, there's no worry that about that happening post-flop.

Shrike said...

How can I check-fold the river on hand #2 ... yes, the river sucks ... I mean, it's obviously the case that the second villain with an A2 chased and picked up runner-runner flush to beat me for high, but how can I fold?

Shrike said...

Good question about hand #1. Since I can likely account for three aces, I discount the possibility of an ace flopping. I agree, I have to hit a reasonable flop to continue but my hand has a pretty good likelihood of flopping a nut draw or a strong low with a freeroll opportunity for high. I think the stacks were deep enough to flat preflop, but it's worth more study to see if I am right on that score or not.