Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cruelty, thy name is Omaha

The turn and river were not kind to me. I hate losing a 500 BB pot with the second nuts in a 6-handed PLO game when only three players see the flop, but it would have been criminal not to get my stack in here with the second nuts (quads are impossible for the villain here, and I'm holding a ten). Oh well. Sometimes you lose when they miraculously show up with the improbable mortal nuts.

I wonder if re-shoving on the end is +EV. I thought so at the time because only three players saw the flop and villain having the last two tens in the deck is very gruesome compared to all the 33, 77, 97 combos he can show up with here. Opinions?


Bayne_S said...

Where was player that re-raised river from?

Canadians, Brazilians, Aussies tend to go nuts with non-nut boat there as they might put you on straight from turn bet rather than 2p.

Scandis might have air.

but profiling is wrong

most times when re-raised on river you are looking at best case chop

Shrike said...

I'm pretty sure he was German.

As I hinted in my post, the face I was holding a ten played a significant factor in my decision to 3bet for stacks.