Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Canucks vs. Hawks, Game Three

Canucks were full value for a 3-1 win in this game to reclaim home-ice advantage. Tremendous puck control (seriously, they turned the puck over maybe 3 times all game, which is just amazing!) + a flat Hawks team = a relatively low-risk victory. Luongo made key saves in 3rd period when he had to.

On to game four - Canucks have golden opportunity to lay the hammer down if they can repeat this performance.


lightning36 said...

Disappointing home game for the Hawks. They won't be winning this series if they continue to let the Canucks build up a two or three goal lead each game.

I'll still stick with my boyz in six prediction.

btw -- those Sedin brothers will look good in Blackhawk jersies next season, eh?

Shrike said...

Keep dreaming. The Sedins aren't going anywhere.