Friday, November 23, 2007

SnG Challenge

I've decided for a change of pace to engage in the single-table SnG challenge as a bankroll builder. Played in six 10+1 NLHE turbos on FTP so far, and I've won 3, bubbled 2, and busted early in 1. Early days so far and a small sample size, but I can't imagine not putting up a great ROI so long as I can master the inherent boredom of playing against these donkeys in this silly poker format.

I'll start cranking these out in earnest starting early next week.


OhCaptain said...

Lots of luck with your challenge! I've noticed something about SNG''s a holiday weekend...extra donkey fresh!

Watch out for variance. It has a way of creeping it ugly head out.

Shrike said...

I don't anticipate a -60 buy-in downswing at the $10+1 level, but I suppose anything is (remotely) possible.