Tuesday, November 24, 2009

7-Game Mix Experiment

I guess it's time for my monthly poker post. I certainly hope to revitalize this blog, once I get the time to decide what topics I'd like to focus writing about in this space. For now, a mildly interesting poker hand history will have to suffice in the interim.

I recently began dabbling in microstakes mixed games online, as I haven't had much time recently to hit the local cardrooms for any live play. So far, the results have been very good even though the profits are trifling in magnitude. I've enjoyed experimenting with alternate strategies and practicing hand reading fundamentals against a lot of really bad players.

I decided to get tricky here with a premium hand. Comments? (For all four of you LHE enthusiasts still reading this blog, do you think the line I took here was good exploitive play against an unsophisticated villain (it certainly wasn't optimal!), or was it a fancy play which I should purge from my arsenal?

Edit: Bonus material

Hand #2 (pure brag):

I wish this hand had been at higher stakes! It's nice to get paid off on the proper side of a cooler for a change.


DrChako said...

Your line in the KK hand is dangerous and ultimately unprofitable in the long run. At these stakes, you should raise pre-flop on the rare chance that BB folds. If he only folds one in 10 you are still right to raise there.

The other big problem was leading on the river. At this point, you should be in check and call mode, especially since the board paired.


Shrike said...

So that's one vote for a purge. Check.

Gnome said...

Agreed. You want to get more money in with KK preflop and on the flop.

Shrike said...

So that's another vote for optimal play. I sense a trend.

smokkee said...

you couldn't have play that hand any worse.

Shrike said...

We have a consensus. (It's boring if I post hands where I don't butcher them, I suppose.)

DrChako said...

You are to be commended for posting a hand you played poorly in hopes of getting advice on how to improve. I thought I was the only one who did that.

The only other reasonable line here is uber-aggression. Limit players often feel that flop raise is a sign of a weak hand. Sometimes I will raise pre-flop and on the flop in the hopes that I get raised on the turn so I can re-raise (or occasionally check-raise). That's the only way you'll get any extra money out of this hand.


F-Train said...

No need to get fancy at these stakes. I would have (1) raised PF esp. since OOP, and (2) re-raised on turn.

There's not much value in "crafty" play at the stakes you're playing. In the long run it just costs you bets.

BLAARGH! said...

>>I thought I was the only one who did that.

Hold on a second Doc!!! I am the KING of posting badly played hands. It helps that I never play well to begin with....

And back on topic... even blaargh knows... purge!