Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to basics: minimizing your losses

I didn't manage that today. I could try to come up with original content, but why bother when someone else has already summarized what happens when you can't win a pot at a good LHE table? Like him, I won precisely one pot at showdown in approximately five hours, even though I flopped some very big made hands and draws. I made a couple of crying river calls, but I don't believe I made any significant errors all night.

Best decision of the night? Quitting when I hit my stop-loss (for only the second time in my poker career), rather than reach into my wallet (even though the game was still excellent). Rules are rules and I needed to get out of there and fight another day. The game will still be there tomorrow.

Piaf said it best: Non, je ne regrette rien!


Memphis MOJO said...

Good post. Sorry you couldn't get anything going, but I admire your discipline.

Shrike said...

I more or less knew it wasn't going to be my night when two things happened: I flopped trip sevens with Ac7c and lost to a 3-outer on the river; soon afterwards I flopped a set of jacks in a huge pot and lost to runner-runner flush (QJo is the nuts, y'know?).

Memphis MOJO said...