Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oops, this wasn't the unbeatable jackace!

This hand caught my eye on Poker News as I followed the Main Event coverage yesterday. I didn't realize it was such a donkament at this stage, as 28 players were still playing at this stage of the tournament ...

Buchman Opens-Ships Three Million
Eric Buchman decided not to make one of his more normal raises, but instead open-shoved slightly over three million into the middle. Jonathan Tamayo asked for a count and when he found out, made the call.

Tamayo tabled JsJh and then the dealer turned over Buchman's hand -- AhTh. The crowd sprung to their feet to watch the action as Tamayo's rail cheered.

The flop was gin for Buchman when it came 9h7h2h. Buchman is rarely emotional, but again slapped his hands together and yelled, "Yes!"

The turn was the 6s which officially ended things. The river completed the board with the 6c and Tamayo sent the chips over.

Reasons why open-shoving a 30 big blind stack like this was a horrible play:

1) There were at least five players with fewer chips at this point;

2) When they lose one more player they will stop the tourney for the night;

3) There is a 100K pay jump once they lose one more player;

4) Making it to Day 8 of the ME will earn you more TV time and sponsorship dollars;

5) You are putting your tournament life at risk if someone wakes up with a better hand.

Can anyone come up with an argument for why this was a good play? Was this the wrong move at the right time, and was Tamayo a spiritual descendant of the Cincinnati Kid up against Buchman's Lancey Howard?

NB. Buchman is currently the chip leader with 14 players remaining.


SirFWALGMan said...

Put the fear of the S000ted into everyone. Nobody will want to screw with you.

Riggstad said...

#3 and #4 may produce tighter than normal folds....

You asked :)

*It's still a retarded move

Memphis MOJO said...

I think the players get mentally and physically worn out and lose focus.

Gnome said...

Maybe he was thinking he couldn't fold if he got 3-bet, so he might as well ship it. Not that that's solid logic.

Fuel55 said...

Only JJ+ and AK can really call given your reasons, so he gets away with this shove preflop 19/20 times.

Additionally, he had a feeling he'd hit.

Shrike said...

I was wondering if anyone would give that reason. I'm not persuaded the shove goes unchallenged 95% of the time, mind you.