Sunday, July 19, 2009

Always something new

I saw something last week during a live 4/8 LHE session that I've never seen before. I'm curious if any of my vast readership has witnessed something similar ...

Two players were dealt pocket aces at my table. They get into a raising war preflop, obviously, and somewhat to my surprise they didn't pick up any hitchikers desperate to gamble it up to see a flop to crack a big pair. One of the live players then asked if the betting is capped at four bets now that everyone else has folded and the pot is now headsup. Dealer announces no, the betting is uncapped. The floor is consulted and verifies that the dealer is correct.

A few raises latter -- about 9 or 10 -- and one of the players involved tells the other that he's willing to go all-in (for about $400). The other player acquiesces, having about the same amount behind. They both push their chips over the line. So we now have your standard $830-ish pot at a 4/8 table with all the betting complete before the flop has been dealt. Each flips over AA.

Sadly, the flop was an anticlimax, featuring three different suits, which put the kibosh on what would have been a jaw-dropping four-flush scenario if someone got lucky.

I just sat back in amazement, laughing my guts out. I just wish we could have had a sweat for the turn and river.

Poker. Always something new under the sun.


1Queens Up1 said...

Was your question regarding the two people getting aces or the uncapped pot in limit hold'em?

I won a huge pot of an idiot lady one time when we got heads up on the river.

I was holding 5-7cc for a straight flush, and she had A-10cc. I bet, she raised, I raised, she raised then I raised again and she turns to the dealer and says "i thought there were a cap on a bet and 3 raises allowed?" He says head's up in not capped.

So she re-raises again, and I pop her back and NOW she starts to think she might not have the best hand. I told I'd be willing to go all in and after awhile she just decided to call.

Memphis MOJO said...

An $830 pot at 4/8 Limit? Wow.

One time (at a casino), at the table next to mine in a $3/6 game, the betting was capped at $15 each and the pot was $150. Yes, all 10 players saw the flop!

Shrike said...

Queens, my amazement was due to them shoveling their entire stacks in preflop, not that they had the same hand.