Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prelim ToC report

Busted out in 30th.

I raised from first position with pocket tens but ran into pocket kings. I didn't suckout after I put in the last raise and my opponent obviously called.

Was generally pleased with my play (I saw only 10% of flops; tight is right in a high-stakes tournament like this) but made two significant errors to spew some chips -- both of them were ill-advised c-bets with big aces that missed the flop. Was nearly down to the felt but made a big comeback to 6th overall with 35 players remaining after the first break.


VinNay said...

Sucks you didn't cash. I was out all day and just saw the results. I was rootin' for you man.

Sounds like you played a solid game though. One question - Who were you c-betting into?

Shrike said...

Players I wanted to play pots against in position; but those two players were also willing to check-raise with a wide range of cards. Blech.

I'll have more on this later.